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Introducing The Preferred Chiropractors In Ajax

About Dynamic Balance Chiropractic in Ajax

The very existence of our world is based on the principles of maintaining a dynamic balance, where constant changes must be integrated in order for growth and development to occur in any species or social system. For people, happiness in life is achieved by attaining a dynamic balance between all of the things we must do in order to keep moving forward and all of the things we want to enjoy along the way. Our focus is to apply these principles to the attainment of health and well-being.

Ajax Chiropractor showing a patient a spine

Relief or wellness care… it’s your choice.

The doctors of Dynamic Balance Chiropractic have been delivering quality chiropractic care in a cutting edge environment in the United States since 2005. Dynamic Balance Chiropractic was recently established in Ajax to provide the same high quality, safe and effective chiropractic care to this community for many years to come.

We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions. Without it, it is difficult to truly enjoy life and all the things that we hold dear. We help our patients attain greater health so that they may better enjoy the life they love. Our approach is simple:

We are committed to helping our patients achieve their own goals. We have the resources to utilize many different approaches and techniques to attain these goals. We tailor the care of each patient to their specific objectives, and have many options available. Some of the most common patient goals that we have had the pleasure and experience of facilitating include:

  • Optimum nervous system function for those without symptoms (Wellness care)
  • Structural rehabilitation of abnormal spinal curvatures
  • Maternity, Prenatal and Pediatric healthcare
  • Sports and athletic performance enhancement and injury recovery
  • Stress management
  • Relief of pain and other symptoms

We only implement a treatment plan after discussing with each patient what their specific goals are. We then help them to determine which options are available to them, both inside and outside our office.

We will thoroughly discuss your current state of health, explain how we can help, how long you can expect it to take, and what financial considerations would apply. If we feel that you would be better suited through other avenues of care that are not available in our office, we will help you find the best options available you.

Remember that at all times, you are the boss. It’s your body, your health and your future. Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible, and it’s up to you to decide the extent of our care you want.

To see more of what we are about, feel free to check out our facebook page.

Sound interesting? Please contact our Ajax chiropractic office to make an appointment.

Looking for a caring Ajax Chiropractor who serves the area? Then we’re pleased to introduce our Dynamic Balance Chiropractic team! We look forward to meeting you personally and helping you get well and stay well.

Meet Dr. Jeremy Barchman

Ajax Chiropractors, Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Holly Barchman

Dr. Jeremy and Dr. Holly Barchman

Dr. Jeremy Barchman is dedicated to providing the options for patients to achieve their best potential through functional improvements and structural correction. Traumatic events both large and small happen to everyone, and whether or not it is immediately realized, they have long-lasting effects on future health. Due to advances in chiropractic technique, it is possible to permanently correct the abnormal alignments and postures that have occurred through life, and are often the source of the symptomatic complaints that patients present with…read more»

Meet Dr. Holly Barchman

Dr. Holly Barchman has devoted her career to the study of the best methods of care for pregnant women and children. In her professional practice, she has helped many women enjoy reduced pain during pregnancy, shorter labor time and fewer medical interventions through the birth process by maintaining proper function in the months leading up to the birth. Dr. Holly has attended births, to supply the labouring mom with chiropractic support for a healthier birth. Dr. Holly enjoys treating newborns as shortly after birth as possible so that the traumatic effects of birth can be minimized…read more»

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