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About Us

Front of buildingAt Dynamic Balance Chiropractic, we are passionate about providing the highest quality of chiropractic care. We opened our family-focused practice here in Ajax in 2008. Though we have an emphasis on helping kids and moms-to-be, we love seeing all types of practice members.

Our bustling, friendly office is in one of the most multicultural areas in the world in the suburbs of Toronto. We always do our best to love and care for people of all backgrounds. The husband-and-wife team of Dr. Jeremy Barchman and Dr. Holly Barchman take a collaborative approach to providing exceptional chiropractic care.

Personalized Care for Everyone

We love helping practice members from all walks of life. Care here is tailored to each person, and we appreciate where each of our clients are, and what drives them. An array of different approaches and techniques are used to help you achieve your specific goals.

Live Your Best Life

We believe that health is one of our most valuable and cherished possessions. If you don’t have your health, it’s difficult to enjoy life and be able to participate in all the activities you love. Whether you are struggling to maintain energy throughout the day, your little one has had recurrent ear infections or immune challenges, the stress of life is having a tremendous effect on your quality of life, your kiddos are challenged by the sensory storm of their days, you want to compete in an upcoming marathon, enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy, or have the energy and mobility necessary to play with your children, we want to help. A fully functioning nervous system is the way. We’ll assess where you are now, where you want to go, and devise a plan specific for you.

  • Hands down one of the best medical places I have been. Each and everyone of their staff members are extremely professional and polite. I’m so happy my son and I have chosen this chiropractic clinic to help us with our problem areas.
    - Ashley R.
  • Absolutely happy to be working with such a kind and caring team.
    - Trish F.
  • I was referred by my neighbour who says Dr J was amazing. My experience so far has been wonderful & very informative, I didn’t realize chiropractic treatments covered such a wide range. I am very hopeful they can address & treat my issues.
    - Sheila O.
  • Awesome bubbly staff, would highly recommend.
    - Alexia L.
  • The environment created by everyone is very welcoming. Lots of smiles, great attitudes and friendly chat. Combined with a promising treatment plan, I feel very comfortable coming in.
    - Amos C.
  • The atmosphere is welcoming and every staff member was friendly and knowledgeable.
    - Stephanie A.
  • So far I’ve had a very positive experience and feeling confident about my future health goals.
    - Heather H.
  • You guys are simply the best! So happy to have you taking care of my family.
    - Leigh-Anne M.
  • The staff are very friendly and helpful. Dr. Celia listened to my concerns and I’m glad she was able to work with my schedule for the appointments.
    - Bhavika P.
  • Left feeling positive and excited to see my progression as time goes on.
    - Karen L.
  • One of things I’ve recognized is that the team you’ve built is extremely cohesive and work great together. ‘No weak links’ as they say and everyone makes it look seamless. While that speaks to the leadership, it also couldn’t be achieved without the individuals. Great team at Dynamic Balance Chiropractic.
    - Akshay K.

Common Practice Member Goals

Here are some of the most common goals that we've helped practice members achieve:

  • Improved adaptability to Stress
  • A more comfortable pregnancy, labour and delivery
  • Kids who are more Calm, Connected & Coordinated
  • A life less dependent on Drugs and Surgery
  • Optimal Wellness and Vitality
  • Structural rehab of abnormal spinal curvatures
  • Sports and athletic performance enhancement
  • Improved function and pain relief

Only after discussing your unique goals with you will we develop a comprehensive care plan. We'll let you know the options that are available to you, both inside and outside our office.

Get to Know Us Better

Discover more about our practice by checking out our Facebook page. We also invite you to contact our practice to book a no-obligation consultation! We look forward to meeting you and helping your family get well and stay well.

About Dynamic Balance Chiropractic | (905) 686-0960

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