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New Patients

Welcome to Dynamic Balance Chiropractic in Ajax! Our open, warm and inviting practice is the ideal place to begin your journey to better health. In our lively and upbeat environment, you will see many people of all ages and stages of life. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel important, just like family.

Before your first visit, we invite you to complete the new patient paperwork at home to save time. We will send our digital intake paperwork to you so that you can complete it and submit it from your phone or computer. That link will be sent to you after you schedule your initial visit with us.

“This was one of the best trips to the doctor I’be ever had! Dr. Jeremy is extremely professional, accommodating, and truly seemed to understand my needs as a new patient.” Matt F.

Call us at (905) 686-0960 or click the button below to reach out to us if you have any questions!

The First Visit

During this fact-finding visit, your chiropractor will sit down with you to discuss what brought you in and what your overall health goals are. We will then perform a computerized assessment followed by a hands-on chiropractic evaluation. If necessary, we will write a referral for X-rays. If your paperwork was completed in advance, this appointment takes 30-45 minutes.

After your appointment, your doctor will pull all of the information together and formulate a plan for your care.

It’s important to know that health is a journey not an event, so a single adjustment isn’t the answer. Our desire is for you to heal better, not simply feel better.

The Second Visit

When you return for this report of findings visit, we’ll lay out what we recommend based on what we found on the first day. We will thoroughly discuss your current state of health, explain how we can help, how long you can expect it to take, and what financial considerations would apply. If we feel that you would be better suited through other avenues of care that are not available in our office, we will help you find the best options available for you.

If you are an ideal candidate for chiropractic care in our office and would like to proceed, we will give you your first chiropractic adjustment. This appointment takes 15-20 minutes.

  • The service, atmosphere and care at Dynamic Balance Chiropractic is amazing. The staff are warm and friendly. Our overall experience has been fantastic.

    - Benjamin D.
  • Wonderful staff and wonderful environment.

    - Sera L.
  • So professional and I love how straight to the point everyone is. Enjoying my experience!

    - Caia D.
  • Very organized staff. Very clean environment. Clear outline of what to expect at each visit.

    - Tessa P.
  • Amazing first impression! Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. Thank you!

    - Terri J.
  • You guys are great and I’m looking forward to working through my treatment plan with you!

    - Stephanie P.
  • Great service, very nice professionals, best experience ever!

    - Alexandra Y.
  • Very professional and welcoming Dr and staff.

    - Silvia F.

Regular Visits

Once we’ve laid the groundwork for your care, a routine visit may only take a few minutes. That’s because we can quickly assess the state of your spine and nervous system and give you an adjustment. You’ll be on your way in no time. Like your daily workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before. If you miss a visit, you risk losing the momentum necessary to make the required changes.

Because your time is valuable, we do everything possible to run on time so you can get back to your day. If you’re ready to get on the road to better health, contact us today to get started!

New Patients | (905) 686-0960

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