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Little girl with head on pregnant bellyPrenatal Chiropractic in Ajax

If you’re a mom-to-be, you’re not only eating and exercising for two, but also wiring for two from a neurological perspective. Chiropractic is beneficial because, as a mom’s body is under stress, so is the baby’s. The physical, chemical and emotional stresses of daily life accumulate, and have an impact on how well mom’s body can adapt, grow and thrive. When the nervous system is optimized through chiropractic care, birth is easier on mom and baby.

From a biomechanical perspective, we also look at pelvic balance and prepare mom for the birth process. With improved biomechanical and neurological function, labour time can be shorter with fewer medical interventions, so Mom and her baby have a safer birth process. It’s a great way to start Baby’s life.

Comfortable, Comprehensive Care

We use the Webster Technique, and a few others as part of our pregnancy care. Our office is equipped with unique tables to accommodate a mom’s pregnant body so she is exceptionally comfortable during her adjustment. We also will discuss nutrition, stress management and exercises throughout the course of your care.

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience my family has received at Dynamic Balance. Two difficult pregnancies and one newborn who had multiple issues and have been treated with the best care.” Anwen C.

Breastfeeding Support and Success

Breastfeeding is not only the ideal way for your baby to get the best nutrients possible but it’s also a beautiful way for you and your baby to bond. During the birth process, a baby undergoes a lot of biomechanical stress as well as neurological stress (both contributing to birth trauma). Even the most beautiful birth stories include this stress, and in turn, can correlate with difficulty nursing.

Our team will first assess how we can help to improve breastfeeding for mom and for baby. By removing the interference to the spine and nervous system, and correcting subluxations that may be present, Baby can get a more effective and productive latch, which can translate to better feeds, more comfort for mom (less nipple pain, cracking or bleeding), less gas and fussiness for Baby (better naps and sleep patterns), and an overall more enjoyable and successful breastfeeding relationship (improved bonding and longer nursing success). If necessary, we also may recommend the services of another provider for issues such as tongue-ties, or palate and other related therapy. Because we have strong ties to the local breastfeeding community, we can refer you to the most appropriate practitioner for your needs.

We work together in efforts so that you may enjoy the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible. Contact Dynamic Balance Chiropractic today to book an appointment!

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